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    The Nova Scotia Department of Justice qualifies courses acceptable for security officers to carry handcuffs and batons. As it stands now, their regulation of training falls short.

    • Expired instructor certifications are routinely accepted.
    • Expired participant certifications are routinely accepted.
    • Redacted courses, some of a few hours are being accepted as qualified to certify.
    • Homemade courses that have no independent vetting are accepted.

    We interview every applicant who comes in hand with training, and in some cases, we are shocked.

    • No meaningful understanding of the law surrounding use of force.
    • No education in excited delirium or positional asphyxia.
    • Lacking fundamentals of technique.

    The benchmark for courses is simple…policing.


    • Independently Vetted (Legal/ Medical Etc.)
    • Established Standards
    • Written and Practical Examination
    • Instructor Support
    • International Accreditation

    At APPS, we only accept certifications that are valid within policing. While this means costly retraining, the risk isn’t worth it.

    Our instructors can not only teach at an academy, several have done so. In addition, they can (and do) teach anywhere in North America and beyond, including within the police community.

    Training at this level is why our facility has certified police, sheriffs, border services, corrections and a host of instructors who presently teach in respected post secondary institutions.