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  • Use of Force

  • The application of force brings with it issues of ethics, liability and risk. Officers use force to protect themselves, others and to effect arrest. All of this demands that training must be without compromise.

    Use of force training at APPS starts with the PPCT Defensive Tactics certification. It is here that officers learn key response options including the use of handcuffs and batons. Arguably, this is the most important training an officer can receive. It not only provides the officer the tools they need, but teaches where appropriate and the risks associated with force application. The latter is the very reason why provinces have moved to standardize training, stemming from an in custody death (Shand 9/99).  The Atlantic provinces are well behind the rest of the country.

    APPS’ use of force training is the full PPCT DT model, encompassing an initial 32 hours. This is the identical certification taught in our regions academy, as well as 70% of the academies in North America. That speaks volumes. In addition to the DT program, our officers receive training in criminal code obligation, articulation of grounds, positional asphyxia and excited delirium.  Beyond certification, we offer ongoing classes that reinforce training and introduce (dynamic) experiential learning. When you add this to the complete APPS force on force program, few come even close.