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  • Training Standards

  • Qualification comes from training and experience.

    The most critical factor in training is standards.

    The services performed by a security firm must be backed up by qualified training. Realizing not all training is the same, some scrutiny is well advised.  Use of Force training is a case in point. We routinely hire from other security agencies and colleges only to find some of the qualifications aren’t worth the paper they are printed on. Our requirement is simple; the certificate must be recognized in policing.  Ours are. In fact, our facility offers a variety of programs attended by police and related disciplines.

    Programs delivered at APPS are thoroughly vetted and delivered in their entirety. We don’t adulterate, redact or train using modules.

    Are APPS instructors and certificates accepted by the (NS) Department of Justice? Yes, however when you take into account that the DOJ does very little to vet programs, it’s more of a rubber stamp process. In fact, many of the programs accepted by the DOJ wouldn’t be accepted in professional law enforcement as they are delivered. 

  • APPS accepts certifications from the following organizations:

    • Atlantic Police Academy
    • Nova Scotia Community College
    • New Brunswick Community College
    • Success College (Sackville, Nova Scotia)