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  • Diverse Training      Qualified Instructors    National Accreditation

    Over the course of near twenty years, APPS officers have benefitted from one of the most comprehensive training programs in the country. Developed to serve both private and public agencies, our facility actively instructs all levels of law enforcement including sworn police, corrections, sheriffs and border services.

    Our in-house instructors include those from police, academy, college and the private security industry. Many are subject matter experts in their fields, all well respected as leaders. The certificates they provide are universally accepted. Together they have certified thousands.  

  • Industry

  • Basic Security Training (CORE)
    Diversity Awareness
    Nonviolent Crises Intervention™
    PPCT Defensive Tactics™
    Strategy Ground Control (Atlantic Police Academy)

  • Critical Incident Stress Management (Peer/ Basic/ Advanced)
    Advanced Security Training (LP)
    First Aid (C+AED)
    PPCT Spontaneous Knife Defense™

  • Emergency Management

  • Basic Emergency Management
    ICS Divisions Supervisors
    Logistics Sections Chief
    Operations Sections Chief
    Planning Sections Chief Incident Commander
    Public Information

  • Incident Command Systems, Healthcare
    Incident Command Systems 100
    Incident Command Systems 200
    Incident Command Systems 300
    Incident Command Systems 400

  • Specialty

  • Oleoresin Capsicum (AWD)
    Law Enforcement Shotgun
    Defensive Driving (CSA)

  • Law Enforcement Pistol
    Law Enforcement Carbine

  • Internal LMS

  • Loss Prevention
    Mass Gatherings
    Crowd Management
    Close Protective Details
    Security in Alcohol Serving Environments

  • Emergency Room Security
    Identity Verification
    Stage Barrier Operations

  • CPKN

    APPS has partnered with the Canadian Police Knowledge Network to deliver both police and PSTN programs. In addition, APPS has worked with and continues the partnership in effort to develop future programs.

  • Security Catalogue

  • Basic Security Training (GA)
    Crises Intervention & De-Escalation
    Excited Delirium Syndrome
    Introduction to Private Investigation
    LP for Security Professionals
    Major Events Security 
    Being a Successful Officer
    Security and Ethics
    Recognition of Emotionally Disturbed Persons
    Terrorism Event Pre-Incident Indicators
    Firearms Identification for Public Officers 2.0
    Fatigue Management
    Harassment in the Workplace Awareness
    Critical Incident Stress Mgmt.
    Preventing Officer Involved Collisions

  • Infectious Disease Pandemic Preparedness
    Personal Prevention Strategy for Infection Prevention and Control
    Aboriginal & First Nation Awareness
    Elder Abuse
    Items of Religious Significance: Islam
    Items of Religious Significance: Sikh
    LGBT Issues
    Sovereign Citizens
    Graffiti Investigation
    Risk Effective Decision Making
    Introduction to Criminal Intelligence
    Introduction to Major Case Management
    Interview & Interrogation: Interviewing Suspects
    Interview & Interrogation: Interrogation Techniques
    Interview & Interrogation: Interviewing Victims and Witnesses

  • Policing Catalogue

  • Courtroom Testimony Skills
    Note Taking
    Digital Evidence
    Firearms Investigation
    Forensic Evidence
    Intro Criminal Intelligence
    Intro to Disclosure
    Theory of Truth & Deception
    Uniform Crime Reporting
    Racially Based Policing
    Counterfeit Currency

  • Death Notification
    Basic Investigation Skills
    Domestic Violence Investigation
    Forensic Identification
    Forensic DNA Evidence
    Intro Criminal Intelligence Analysis
    Theory of Communication & Memory
    Coach Officer
    Characteristics of Armed Persons
    Hate Crime Awareness
    Youth at Risk
    Explosives Awareness