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  • Executive Protection

  • APPS close protection details are available as a standalone or supplement to such services as labour unrest. APPS has worked alongside the RCMP PMPD (Prime Minister Detail), SO14 (Royalty Protection Unit) and was the only private security entity to act within the exclusion zone during the presidential visit of George W Bush (Halifax). Our CP details have also protected names known the world over as part of our sister company’s entertainment services branch.

    Officers within the CP detail program are extensively qualified, all participating in a comprehensive program that includes both classroom and tactical certification.

    Services in this segment include:
    • Advances/ Surveys
    • Formation Strategies
    • Crowd Management
    • Public Engagement (Meet and Greet)
    • Motorcade
    • Tactical Driving (Tactical Mobility)

    Details can be customized to suit any accompaniment.