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  • Municipal Enforcement

  • Our experience serving municipalities stretches from townships to capital cities, continuing to grow each year. Our reputation and contribution to the community is well recognized. In fact, we continue to be publicly recommended by police agencies in each of these municipalities.

    APPS Bylaw Enforcement Officers are sworn by their respective municipality, entrusted to uphold various statute. They patrol in vehicles, bicycle and on foot.  This cost effective service means to address a host of statute and potentially criminal activity.

    Patrols provide another set of eyes in the community while attending municipal properties.

    Summary offense ticketing for parking and other violations can serve to address community concerns.

    Police resources can be better directed, potentially reducing response times.

  • “Villard said he is aware of APPS’ work and that it is excellent and that the police department recommended APPS. Hilton said APPS will begin patrols of Victoria Park and other parks in the city today.”