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  • Loss Prevention

  • LP is the highest service standard in the security industry. It is here that officers are tasked with arrest and detention for a variety of criminal code offenses. This role is most often conducted in plain clothes, however, APPS also offers LPO services by uniformed officers.

    Taking away a person’s liberty demands no compromise. The APPS training program is the result of our near twenty years of leadership in LP, amassing in excess of 15K arrests. It is intensive, covering criminal code provisions for arrest, use of force and the various offense types. Officers are then trained to provide court ready documents, evidentiary requirements and testimony.

  • A few years back, one of the largest retailers in the HRM brought together four security companies to compete to run their LP program. At the end of one month, APPS had ten times the results of its nearest competitors and was awarded the contract.
  • With the legal requirements understood, officers are trained in the various means of shoplifting and retail fraud. They not only see actual video of events; they are placed with one of our FTO’s who advance to real world training.

    Loss prevention is the most demanding as it includes arrest. It is here that our officers face the same threats as you would see in policing, fight, flight or both. De-escalation training is key, and to ensure officer safety, all are certified in PPCT Defensive Tactics. Our DT program is academy standard, 32 hours including written and practical examination.

  • In addition to our LPO services, APPS offers employee awareness education, the same course we presently supply to provincial agencies. Add our consultancy or the Managed Loss Prevention program and you have one of the most comprehensive available.