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  • Retail & Shopping Centres

  • APPS provides enhanced programs for all levels of retail, with services throughout Atlantic Canada. From our country’s most respected brands to some of the largest retail centres in the region, we deliver a professional presence that is complimentary to the business.

    Modern retail security follows three paths, regardless of whether it’s a single box store or a million square foot mall. The first is officer presence and patrol. This is the core of what an officer does, providing a visible presence that is assuring to the patron while responding to the various working needs of the venue. The second role is customer service based, given officers are often seen as ambassadors. The final, and often overlooked function is crises response. This can range from dealing with a lost child to evacuating the complex.

    APPS officers receive additional training beyond BST to meet the specific requirements of retail. Composition of the added programs is based on venue requirements. For more information on the additional programs our officers can be provided, see the section of our site devoted to training.

    Services Offered
    • Uniformed Officers
    • Plain Clothed Officers
    • Loss Prevention Officers
    • Parking (Special Constables)
    • Mobile Patrol
    • EM Services (Fire/ Active Shooter/ Emergency Exercise)
    • Consultancy