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  • Hybrid Officers

  • An industry first, APPS combined Basic Security Training (BST) along with the Advanced course (AST) to deliver a uniformed officer who was as qualified as a plain clothed LPO.

    This allows the officer to not only act as a deterrent, but to be able to enact an arrest if criminal activity occurs. Entrusting an officer to make arrests requires significant legal and ethical obligations. With an arrest comes detention and that is a denial of a person’s liberty. There is simply no room for error.

    APPS has been in the LP industry since we opened our doors, longer than anyone else in the region. Our officers are thoroughly trained in their legal obligations, the complexities in making the arrest, court-ready documentation and the delivery of evidence under oath.

    Further, our 20 years in the industry has allowed us to know the means and the big players in organized retail crime. We have also garnered a solid reputation within the police community.

    The end result is a reduction of loss for the client. We do it professionally and without bias.