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    Since opening our doors in the nineties, APPS became known as the stepping stone to policing. More than just talk, we have had more of our people move to policing than any other security company in the region. In fact, during the months this website was created, APPS had five enter the profession. Closer to home, this includes Halifax (5), Truro (2), Cape Breton (2), Charlottetown (2) and Kennebecasis. Nationally we have dozens from one end of the country to the other. They include major municipal forces such as Metro Toronto and Halton Regional, Provincial agencies including the OPP and the RCMP, where you will find our folks from BC to Newfoundland.

    In addition to policing, we support other careers in law enforcement and first response. Former staff are employed in corrections, sheriffs and within the parole system. They include local agencies, as well as specialty organizations such as the House of Commons and the Alberta Sheriffs who act in concert with police services.  

    Why so many? It comes down to the people and their drive. Security shares a lot in common with law enforcement so those with an LE career in mind are a perfect fit.  In terms of drive, no other company in the region offers as much preparatory training for law enforcement. Many of our courses are exact to that offered in an academy setting.

    Another benefit to APPS is our integration within the law enforcement community. In loss prevention, our officers are tasked with arrest. This trains and allows for significant experience in arrest, detention, court ready reports and testimony. Former staff have told us this was an incredible opportunity to learn. In addition, our sister company Toursec works directly with policing as part of an incident management program that was the first of its kind in the country. Here our officers get frontline experiences from an all hazard approach.

    In total, our combination of opportunity will complement the law enforcement career oriented. We welcome your addition to our team.