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  • Emerging Markets

    Marine & Port
    Port security is a vital to our nations safety given the present world climate. It is one of the few segments of security benefitting from regulations. This is where our decision to enter the market lies. Are ports meeting the regulations set forth? RCMP and other testing takes place and from what we see, there is room for improvement. Our development model now includes the Marine Facility Training Officer and further elements of Marine Transportation Security Regulations. In partnership with our members who come from retired law enforcement, we are committed to bringing a high caliber solution to our ports.

    Public Transit
    Incidents with transit and related infrastructure are becoming more commonplace. Drivers and patrons have been assaulted and assets have been damaged and stolen. For a public transit system to be effective, riders must have confidence in that they will be safe on their commute. Whereas some cities have gone so far as to create a separate police force for these issues, we propose a variety of options that work to identify risk, using a combination of technology and a strong presence model.

    Armed Guarding/ Transport
    We see armed services expanding in Canada over the next few years. Preparation is underway as we presently deliver firearm training (RPAL/ Police Pistol/ Police Shotgun/ Police Carbine) in-house. We see two markets, the present and the emerging. The present is the cash in transit, or money taxi industry. While it may be saturated, we have built a local partnership should we see expansion opportunity. The real interest lies in what is yet to come. Although challenged by policing and their unions, armed guarding of government, utility and high net properties is most certain to come. When it does, we will be well prepared.