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  • An Extension of Your Business

The security service you select is a direct reflection of your business. Choose the wrong one and their poor decisions can end up on the evening news with your company as a backdrop.

    At APPS, this begins with selecting suitable candidates. This includes an extensive interview that determines aptitude and follows with a proper background screening. While some in the industry simply hire to fill spots, our officers often hold positions of authority, including arrest or as Special Constables. Entrusting an individual with these powers demands we choose a person of the utmost character, an ability to act under pressure and to deliver service without bias.

    Our ideal candidates are often those with a desire to enter the law enforcement profession. In fact, we’ve had more follow into policing than all Atlantic security companies combined.

  • Officer Standards

    Standards are defined by policy and training. Training options at APPS exceed 70 courses, many of which are the very same as found in the police profession. Every officer begins with Basic Security Training, a foundation program. They then access specialized programs based on position and role, all available in our own training centre. From this point officers are then paired with field trainers, who review relevant training at the client site, ensuring standards are met.

    As officers work at client sites they are routinely met by our compliance team. This additional layer not only ensures standards are consistent over time, they are support to our officers and clients alike. We also use this process to align service with changing need.

  • The Uniform

    A professional presence alone can be enough to alter behaviour. Think of the last time you came across a police officer with their radar gun pointed your way. Regardless of how fast you were going you likely hit the brakes and checked your speed. This is officer presence.

    We believe that officer presence is so significant that we use law enforcement standard uniforms. Recognized as one of the most professional in the industry, we have seen firsthand that this investment has paid dividends.