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  • Leadership

  • Dan Barry, President

  • Dan is the principal of the D.F. Barry Group, a collective of nine businesses, all tied to public and private law enforcement. Dan is also employed by other organizations in emergency management education, corrections, events and national sport.

    At APPS, Dan is an integral part of day to day operations. He acts as both in-house counsel, as well as that for the client base. He is also the author and instructor of several programs delivered to APPS officers, as well as outside agencies. Dan believes that education is the most important factor in delivering a competent service and that everyone, including management, must play a part. To that end, APPS delivers the most comprehensive program in the region.

    In addition to over 25 years of industry experience, Dan carries a breath of education that is unmatched in the industry. It spans his 25 years and continues to this day.

  • Policing, Private Policing & Asset Protection

    Dan carries relevant education in criminology, Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design and formal police education. He holds a concentration in Law and Justice from Dalhousie University, has been an academy advisor and adjunct faculty as both an author and instructor. Dan is formally trained in four academy settings, as well as police and fire agencies throughout Canada and the United States. Dan actively instructs both within the industry as well as sworn police and other LE disciplines.  

    Use of Force

    Academy accredited in both the United States and Canada, Dan is a certified instructor in all levels of force including Verbal Continuum (2 Disciplines) Physical Tactics (5 Disciplines), Oleoresin Capsicum, Taser® and Law Enforcement Firearms (LE Pistol, Carbine & Armorer, Restricted & Prohibited).

    Incident Command

    The Incident Command System was born from California wildfires, bettered by the US Department of Homeland Security and adopted in Canada. ICS has been used in 911, Karina as well as locally for such events as Slave Lake and Fort McMurray. APPS was the first private security company in Canada to adopt ICS as an incident approach and this is due to Dan’s leadership within the ICS community. He holds in excess of 20 certifications including as the only in the industry to be trained at the top tier ICS 400 level and is one of less than 20 to receive specialized training at the Logistics Section Chief and Incident Commander level. Dan is also an instructor in five EM designations including ICS 1-200. As a result, Dan was the first in Canada (industry) to act as an Incident Commander. He continues annually in this role involving some 50 members of the RCMP, a fire brigade, EHS and a host of other regulatory agencies.

    Emergency Management

    Dan holds a diploma in Emergency Management from Canada’s leading institution. He has additional specialized certifications including some 35 from the US Department of Homeland Security, FEMA. Dan is one of few Canadians to have trained at the FEMA Emergency Management Institute in Maryland.

    Mass Gathering/ Public Assembly/ Public Order

    Dan is an integral part of several marquis events and production entities in both risk mitigation and incident response. In terms of risk, Dan holds qualification in venue design, CPTED, NFPA and Gold Command (UK). A recent addition is his attendance at Manchester Metropolitan University in the UK, the world leader in crowd science education. The collective of ICS, EM and mass gathering qualification has allowed Dan to work throughout Canada and the US at some of the most prestigious events.

  • Dan continues his education with long term goals including an MSc from MMU (Crowd Science) and an MA from AMU (Emergency Management)

  • Ian Palmer

    Manager, Operations

    • First Aid (incl. HCA)
    • Nonviolent Crises Intervention ™
    • BST/ AST
    • Defensive Driving DDC & DPR
  • Chrystle Wilson

    RM, Prince Edward Island
    Instructor:  BST/ AST

  • Ben Pettigrew

    Manager, Compliance & Learning

    • LMS (Exigent/ Police Portal)
    • Nonviolent Crises Intervention™
    • Strategy Ground Fighting (Atlantic Police Academy)