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  • Twenty years in, we are proud to be one of the oldest locally owned security companies in Atlantic Canada. From our humble beginning in the nineties, we opened to serve the most demanding of security segments, loss prevention. Success followed and as our competencies grew so did the range of services to where today we span over twenty different markets. APPS’ growth and longevity is the result of a simple philosophy, deliver the solution.

    We may not be the biggest guard force, the fastest growing or lay claim to being the best in the country, but when we say something, you can take it to the bank. We also don’t participate in the magazine and pay to play awards circuit, they are not representative of the industry and are simply just advertising.

    What we are is a well qualified, well trained and capable security firm. We have garnered a solid reputation for quality, earning praise from clients and law enforcement alike, all contributing to our servicing some of the most exclusive segments of private security.

    We invite comparison.

    “Security companies that make false claims erode trust in the industry”